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June 29-30, 2022 | Virtual

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Shrad Rao
CEO, Wagepoint

June 30, 2022  |  10:15: AM - 11:00 am EST

Pandemic Proofing your Small Business - Entrepreneurial Resiliency

Aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders tend to bounce back from ambiguity and launch a business under difficult circumstances. Resilience and self-belief are the main drivers that made these entrepreneurs sail through the storm seamlessly. A strong and resilient entrepreneur acts as a role model and lifeline for its employees who can look forward to times of support and encouragement.

In this panel, successful CEOs and entrepreneurs from around the world will discuss how aspiring entrepreneurs can steer their businesses forward in uncertain times. This particular panel will teach entrepreneurs how to make fruitful business decisions and build entrepreneurial resilience inside and outside. This will also provide knowledge on social responsibility, brand awareness, and how to deal with customers and employees, and adjust efficiently to the changing environment.

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Kyle Davis
Sales Manager, Wagepoint


Ryan MacDougall
Product Marketing Specialist, Wagepoint