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Wagepoint Success Series Episode 04

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We have a very serious question for you: what’s the difference between a cake and a plain ol’ loaf of bread? The icing, of course! And while we love toast as much as the next guy, there’s nothing more appealing than a delightfully decorated confection that looks as lovely as it tastes. Yum! So if your small business was a cake, how would you make yours stand out? 🎂

Join us for Wagepoint Success Series Episode 04 as our very own Marketing Manager, Uryelle Dimailig, sits down with a panel of innovative marketing mavens to chat about all things brand, advertising and, well, marketing! 

This one-hour fireside chat will cover:

  • An intro to brand fundamentals and how to effectively tell your company’s unique story through mission, vision and values 
  • A tour of marketing channels to try out, from digital ads to social media and beyond
  • Actionable tips to make an impression, be remembered and delight your customers through impactful marketing
  • Beginner-friendly tools and resources to get your marketing strategy off the ground without breaking the bank

This Zoom session, which will be available on-demand after the event, is sure to be sprinkled with inspiration to get your business noticed while staying uniquely, deliciously you!

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About the Wagepoint Success Series

What it means to be an entrepreneur is different for everyone but, at the end of the day, the experience of starting, running and growing a business is a pursuit of passion and a labour of love. For almost 10 years, Wagepoint has served thousands of small businesses and remains ever-inspired by our community of resilient, hard-working people who live that pursuit day in and day out.

The Wagepoint Success Series is a celebration of the entrepreneur experience, including the thrills, challenges and moments of inspiration that all come with being a business owner. We hope that you’ll join us each month as we gather movers, shakers and disruptors - from all industries and backgrounds - for valuable insights, fearless exploration and engaging discussion. We look forward to being able to connect, learn and discover what it means to find business success, together.

Your host and thought leaders


Uryelle Dimailig 
Marketing Manager, Wagepoint 

Forever on the search for the latest and greatest, Uryelle’s curiosity about emerging tech, combined with her passion for creativity, meant a career in SaaS marketing was only a matter of time. Outside of Wagepoint, she is also a small business owner with over 14 years of experience as a professional freelance photographer. When not behind the camera or working on a campaign, Uryelle loves hiking, camping and playing with her pup.


Tara Milburn
Founder, Ethical Swag

Tara Milburn is the founder of Ethical Swag, a company that takes the guesswork out of sourcing sustainable promotional products. Having seen companies struggle to demonstrate their culture and values through their brand touchpoints, Tara started an e-commerce platform to make relevant, resonant, and responsible buying easy. She came to entrepreneurship in her 50s, determined to create a different kind of business–one in which profit, planet, and people coexist.  Ethical Swag is impacting lives through meaningful work and using the power of business to enact lasting change. The result is two solved problems for each client: improved sustainability performance, and responsible, branded products that employees and clients can be proud to carry around.


Joanne Bartolome
Owner, Empathie Creative

As a marketing strategist, online collaborator and connector, Joanne Bartolome is the owner of a marketing strategy business called Empathie and her product Your Social Planner. She is a conscious leader that lives every day to the fullest while helping business owners craft their unique stories and stand out online using social media.


Sam Amin 
Director of Marketing,
Blanc Labs

Sam Amin is a brand builder and strategist with a focus on the B2B technology sector, specializing in both products and services marketing. Sam has built her career working in multinational companies and startups focused on building brand value, crafting marketing strategies, coaching and empowering teams and executing on those plans in agile and results-oriented ways. Sam earned a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business, Toronto, Ontario, graduating in the year 2013.

Thank you to our special guests

Ethical Swag - 2 Lines

We started Ethical Swag to give you trusted, easy-to-find options that best reflect your brand values. It's hard to know when greenwashing is going on - we get it. So we set out to create a different kind of business.

As a Certified B Corp, we opened up and were audited to a global sustainability standard so that you know you can trust us. It's important to us because it's not what you say, but what you do, that matters.

We have built into our DNA a focus on people, planet and profit.  We have set out to be wildly successful, so we can use that success to have an impact on our staff, our clients, our communities and our world. We invite you to be a part of that!


Empathie Creative (formerly known as YEG Marketing) is an Edmonton-based marketing company, creatively inspiring entrepreneurs and founders across the world.

Together, we sit down to identify your needs, goals, and objectives to elevate your visibility online. After, we develop intentional content to build a loyal community on social media. Our goal is that you’re left with a clear plan and vision to take your business to new heights. 

We work with small to medium size businesses across North America to create an impactful brand with inspiring social media designs.

We work with you to understand your business and create a custom strategy to elevate your business both online and offline. From there, we work to build your brand design and execute your ideas on social media to create an organic following to elevate your visibility. It’s all about telling your story – in a unique and innovative way.

Blanc Labs 2021 copy

Blanc Labs is a preferred partner for enterprises looking to digitize and build the next generation of technology products and services. To help companies rapidly deliver on their digital initiatives, Blanc Labs has developed expertise and bespoke solutions in a wide variety of applications in financial services, healthcare, enterprise productivity and customer experience. Headquartered in Toronto, Blanc Labs serves the Americas through operations in Toronto, New York, Bogota and Buenos Aires. For more information on how Blanc Labs is building a better future, visit


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