Top 10 employment tips for small business owners.

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Running a small business often means needing to wear many hats at once. But while the thought of wearing a finance fedora, marketing toque and operations beret all at the same time does make for a hilarious visual, navigating small business employment law without sound legal advice is no laughing matter. 

Join Wagepoint on April 21 as we welcome Pauline Chan, Lawyer in Residence at Goodlawyer, as she shares valuable perspectives on navigating employment law in Canada. 

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Anastasia Valentine
Chief Revenue Officer at Wagepoint

Anastasia Valentine is the Chief Revenue Officer at Wagepoint. She’s well-versed in high tech, leading the charge to innovate, commercialize, market and sell amazing technology solutions. When she isn’t scaling organizations, she is strongly advocating for women in STEM, education and entrepreneurship. She is also a knitting machine... anyone need a scarf?

Pauline Chan

Pauline Chan
Lawyer in Residence at Goodlawyer 

Pauline has over a decade of legal experience helping businesses of all sizes, from sole-proprietors to multinational corporations. She also has experience owning and running her own barre and yoga studio, giving her first-hand experience of what it takes to help your business succeed.

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Goodlawyer is where founders go for specialized legal expertise at a price they can trust. But they’re about more than just competent legal work. They’re reimagining the future of law by creating a platform that makes people's experiences working with lawyers delightful, memorable, and worth telling the world about.

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What it means to be an entrepreneur is different for everyone but, at the end of the day, the experience of starting, running and growing a business is a pursuit of passion and a labour of love. For almost 10 years, Wagepoint has served thousands of small businesses and remains ever-inspired by our community of resilient, hard-working people who live that pursuit day in and day out.

The Wagepoint Success Series is a celebration of the entrepreneur experience, including the thrills, challenges and moments of inspiration that all come with being a business owner. We hope that you’ll join us each month as we gather movers, shakers and disruptors - from all industries and backgrounds - for valuable insights, fearless exploration and engaging discussion. We look forward to being able to connect, learn and discover what it means to find business success, together.

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